Interested in getting on track, but not sure how to do it?  You have come to the right place.  This page will walk you through the process and have you ready for your trackday.  This page will continue to be updated with links to videos; tech articles; and other useful information.  Come back often.


What is an open track day?

There are a lot of answers to this question, but in general, this is an event for anyone who would like to drive their personal car on a closed circuit.  These events are not competitive, and instead are focused on getting track time and becoming a more experienced driver.  Safety is the number one rule, and having fun is the goal.


Do I need prior experience?

No. At 3 Balls Racing, we welcome and encourage first time participants.  Literally, everyone who has been on track had to be a beginner at one time.  Throughout the history of 3 Balls Racing, we will have succcessfully hosted hundreds of first time participants.


Do I need a race car?

No.  What you need is a car in good mechanical condition.  Most beginner drivers will not come close to pushing their car to the car's limits at their first event.  Make sure your car meets the requirements of the tech inspection (, and focus on getting some time behind the wheel.  Upgrades can come later.


What else do I need?

You need a helmet.  It must be rated for automotive use (Snell SA and/or FIA rating).  Motorcycle helmets are not allowed.  Here is a link discussing the different ratings:


Do you rent helmets?

Normally, yes.  3 Balls Racing does have a limited number of rental helmets.  During the COVID restrictions, we have to pause this program.  As of January 1, 2021, the rental program is still paused.


Where is a good place to get a helmet?

The real question here is: which helmet and size to get?  Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of places to physically try on a lot of helmets from different manufacturers.  If you can get there, the PRI show in Indianpolis is the best option.  However, this isn't practical for most people.  Look for local race shops in your area.  Several Ballers recommend Averill Racing in the Metro Detroi area:  For online purchases, you will need to measure your head or know your hat size.  Here is a video explaining how to measure and what you are looking for:


Once you have determined a size, there are a lot of online sources.  The places listed below have been used by Ballers with good results.  Please keep in mind that counterfeit safety gear is an issue, so choose a source you trust.

Summit Racing


Pegasus Racing


Pit Stop USA




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