3 Balls Racing strongly encourages the use of roll bars in convertibles.  The roll bar should pass the “broomstick test”.  This means your helmet should be completely below an imaginary line between the roll hoop and the top of front structural component, ie your windshield.  Running your car on a road course is inherently unsafe.  Even the most innocent looking spin can lead to you ending up with the shiny side down.  If this happens, the stock windshield support may very well collapse leaving your head as the only thing holding the car up.  Your neck is not that strong; no matter how much milk you drink.


Vehicles that came with factory roll protection do not need additional support, but is encouraged.  This includes S2000’s, Elise’, Porsche Boxster, BMW Z3 and Z4, etc.


3 Balls Racing follows the guidelines of our insurance provider and the track we are using.  Please check the individual event registration for detailed rules.


In case you need some more encouragement to get a roll bar, please look at the following links:


Subaru goes over at Lime Rock 

Notice how much the front of the roof collapses even on a hard top. WARNING: An F-bomb is prevalent at the end of the video.


Below are some links to companies that provide roll bars:

Multiple make suppliers:



Hard Dog


Make specific information:


Another Miata




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