What to expect on Track Day

We run rain or shine (and we have the stories and pics to prove it).  This is very important.  There are no refunds due to rain. 


Trucks/SUV's are allowed on an individual basis.  Please contact 3 Balls Racing if you plan to run a truck or SUV and have not run with 3 Balls Racing before.


First, it’s pretty normal for a group of us to camp out at the track the night before. This is nothing more than an informal gathering; no registration is required. A typical night involves making fun of the guy that showed up in the dark and is trying to setup a new tent with a million poles and no instructions. If you’re that guy, we will offer to help of course, but you should consider how long we have been there. At the very least, we will shine our headlights on you.

The schedule for the actual track day is as follows:

  • 7:00AM Gates open
  • 8:15AM Mandatory drivers’ meeting
  • 9:00AM Group 1 hits the track
  • 9:00AM Instruction session for all people in 3 and 4 group plus anyone interested
  • 9:20AM Group 2 on track
  • 9:40AM Group 3 on track
  • 10:00AM Group 4
  • 10:20AM Group 1 (after this, we will rotate through the groups 1,2,3,4)
  • The groups will continue to rotate throughout the day. These times are not exact and depend on any cautions, weather delay, etc.
  • 12:00PM Lunch
  • 1:00PM Back on track
  • 5:00PM Track Closed



This is what a typical day at Gingerman and Grattan.  The schedules are slightly different at other tracks.  The specific start times are in the event description.  The purpose of showing this is to give you an idea of how many sessions to expect.


Start Time Duration End Time  
9:00:00 AM 0:20 9:20:00 AM Group 2
9:20:00 AM 0:20 9:40:00 AM Group 1
9:40:00 AM 0:20 10:00:00 AM Group 3
10:00:00 AM 0:20 10:20:00 AM Group 4
10:20:00 AM 0:20 10:40:00 AM Group 2
10:40:00 AM 0:20 11:00:00 AM Group 1
11:00:00 AM 0:20 11:20:00 AM Group 3
11:20:00 AM 0:20 11:40:00 AM Group 4
11:40:00 AM 0:20 12:00:00 PM Group 2
12:00:00 PM 1:00 1:00:00 PM  
1:00:00 PM 0:20 1:20:00 PM Group 1
1:20:00 PM 0:20 1:40:00 PM Group 3
1:40:00 PM 0:20 2:00:00 PM Group 4
2:00:00 PM 0:20 2:20:00 PM Group 2
2:20:00 PM 0:20 2:40:00 PM Group 1
2:40:00 PM 0:20 3:00:00 PM Group 3
3:00:00 PM 0:20 3:20:00 PM Group 4
3:20:00 PM 0:20 3:40:00 PM Group 2
3:40:00 PM 0:20 4:00:00 PM Group 1
4:00:00 PM 0:20 4:20:00 PM Group 3
4:20:00 PM 0:20 4:40:00 PM Group 4
4:40:00 PM 0:20 5:00:00 PM Typically Combined All Groups


Tech Inspection

All drivers must complete a tech inspection form before the event.  3 Balls Racing is not going to perform an inspection on every car.  It is the responsibility of the driver to complete the tech inspection, or to have a qualified mechanic complete the inspection.  The tech inspection form will be collected before you can go on track.  Link to the form here


Damage to the Facility

Although damage to the track and associated facilities is extremely rare, it must be noted than any damage is the responsibility of the driver/person involved. Basically, this means that if you hit a wall or barrier and damage it, you must pay for it.  If you leave a thousand yards of oil laying on the track and it takes 800 pounds of oil-dry to clean it up, you may very well get a bill for the oil-dry.  Each track has different rules about the specific items they charge for and what they charge, but they all charge for major damage.  Of course, the whole point of these events is to avoid damage.  That is the best way to make sure we never have to have the uncomfortable discussion about a bill. 


Drivers’ Meeting

The drivers’ meeting is mandatory. Anyone not attending the meeting will not be allowed on track without visiting the event coordinator. During the drivers’ meeting, the use and meaning of all the flags will be covered, as well as passing zones, track in and out locations, and all other basic rules. All track and weather specific rules will also be covered.


Instruction Session

Many of the people attending track days have limited or no experience. That should not detract from anyone’s ability to have fun, and that is the purpose of this instruction session. Driving on the track is not like taking a highway onramp. During this session, one or more of the experienced instructors at 3 Balls will cover some basic techniques and tips meant to keep you safe and keep the people around you safe. These tips include when to brake, when to turn in, where to keep you hands, when to shift, etc. One session will not make you a professional driver, but it may very well keep you from being the next "Johnny in the Grass".



3 Balls Racing will provide lunch and beverages unless otherwise noted. The typical lunch is sandwiches, chips, cookies or burgers, brats, hot dogs and chips and cookies. We will also provide water and Gatorade throughout the day.



Every person in a vehicle, whether they are a driver or passnger, must have an approved helmet.  An approved helmet is anything rated SA2005 or newer.  If you don't have a helmet, there are plenty of places online that sell all varieties of helmets.  If you want a suggestion, feel free to check the message boards or send us a note.



 Long pants are required for anyone in the vehicle.  All clothing should be cotton, NOT synthetic.  The reason is that cotton does not melt and stick to your skin should you happen to catch on fire.  Closed toe shoes are also required.  No sandals or flip flops.


Rollbars for Convertibles

Please check the specific event listing as each track has different requirements.  In general, rollbars are encouraged for all convertibles.  Again, please check the event details and look under the FAQ tab for Convertibles.


Vehicle windows

Both front windows must be open while on track.  This is for your safety, not so we can laugh at the idea of you detailing your interior for 8 hours.  Having your windows down in the event of an accident will reduce the likelihood of you being showered in broken glass, and it makes it easier for the rescue workers to pull you out.  This rule stands even if it's raining.


Additional information