3 Balls Racing uses four run groups at our events unless specifically noted in the event description.  Below is a summary of the groups.  When you register for an event, you must select the group which best matches your experience and vehicle preparation.


Group 4 - This group is for beginners and people with only a few events under their belt.  The cars in this group are street cars running on street tires.  Passing is by point only and in designated areas.


Group 3 - This is the novice group for people who have completed several events and are ready to move out of the beginner group.  At this level, car modifications are typically limited to safety items, upgraded brake pads, and performance tires.  Passing is by point only and in designated areas.


Group 2 - This is the place for advanced drivers with 10 or more events in the books.  By now, car prep includes safety items, race type brake pads, R-compound tires, and possibly track only race cars.  Passing is by point anywhere on the track.


Group 1 - UPDATE for 2015: An approved head and neck restraint is required in this group (ie, HANS, Simpson Hybrid).  Foam neck collars are not acceptable. This is the top level group reserved for expert drivers.  To be in this group, you must have experience with wheel to wheel driving or open passing.  If you aren't sure, ask before joining this group.  Most of the vehicles in this group have full safety systems as do the drivers.  In the instances where we have open wheel vehicles, this is where they go.  Passing is open anywhere on the track.

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