well....that didn't work

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While cleaning up some files I ran across these pics. If I already posted these at one time please forgive my memory lapse.

During my build I worked with a driveshaft company to come up with something that would give a bit more clearance in the tunnel after adding the tri-link. Of course they ran their little calculations to ensure this particular length/wall thickness/diameter/material would meet my rpm/torque needs. First time out at Gingerman I couldn't even get past 5000rpm without the car feeling like it was going to let go. I returned unit to supplier and they were very understanding and assured me they would resolve whatever the issue was. A day later he sent me these images. While in their test cell the thing exploded to the extent of compromising their safety caging and smashing his laptop. Needless to say, I'm glad I stopped driving it at the track. Must have been some metallurgical issue or something as I have been running the same spec replacement they gave me for the last 5 years.

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