March 2019 Update

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Hello Ballers from 3 Balls Racing headquarters. With the first day of March upon us, we are now just 6 weeks away from our season opener at Gingerman Raceway. I hope your winter projects are getting close to completion; or at least you can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Or, as in my case, the car is still hibernating in the trailer.

We are making a number of changes for 2019; all aimed at improving our customer service. The first change is an email based newsletter for those who don't always follow us on the website or Facebook. Besides the newsletter, we will have a messaging system setup this year to give updates via text. We will use this system to send last minute information on events; annouce run groups at events; and provide in-event updates concerning track shutdowns, lunch, etc. This is a voluntary system; we will give out the subscription number for each event.

In addition to the newsletter and text system, we have updated our registration system. You will notice that we are now collecting emergency contact information at the time of registration. We never want to use this information, but having it electronically allows us much faster access in the unfortunate event we need it. You are also being asked for your phone number at registration. As with all of your personal information, your number is never shared with anyone. It will only be used if we need to reach you about an event. There are some situations where email is not fast enough or appropriate, and that is why we started asking for phone numbers.

We will continue to make changes for the better, and I would appreciate any suggestions the Ballers have.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you at the track.

Head Ball

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