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3 Balls Racing Lifetime Membership
24-09-2022 15:10

Here it is: the famous 3 Balls Racing Lifetime Membership.


You are bidding on the coveted 3 Balls Racing Lifetime Membership.  

What does this get you:

Free admission to all 3 Balls Racing track events

Includes sold out events

Valid for as long as 3 Balls Racing is organizing events

3 Balls Racing, LLC was established in 2005.  That means we have been going strong for 17 years, and we plan to continue doing so.  We average 7-8 track events per season, at tracks including Gingerman, Grattan, Waterford Hills, Mid-Ohio, PittRace, and Calabogie.  The average cost of a single day event is $275, and a weekend is $450.  As an example of what a seaon looks like, here is what 2022 held:

5 Grattan weekends (10 days)

1 Gingerman weekend (2 days)

1 Mon/Tues Mid-Ohio (2 days)

1 Waterford Saturday (1 day)


This is non-transferrable; either in part or whole (meaning you can't sell individual days to other people).


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