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Good morning from 3 Balls Racing. You are receiving this email because you are currently registered for our event at Gingerman scheduled for May 2-3, 2020. With the event right around the corner, I wanted to update you on the event status and inform you of how the event is planned to be run in light of the COVID situation.

First, I do still expect the event to happen. I am making all arrangements with that thought in mind. However, I cannot predict what our governor will do over the next 8-10 days. What I can do is modify the way we run the event to give us the highest possible chance of pulling it off. Here are the things we are going to do differently:

1. I am going to email out the drivers’ meeting information this weekend. That information will walk you through arriving at the track all the way to leaving. It will emphasize the flags and passing rules. This will give you the chance to read ahead and start learning before the event.
2. The only time you need to have direct contact with someone from the track is at check in when you arrive at the track. I spoke with track management, and Gingerman will have spots marked on the ground indicating the minimum 6 foot spacing outside the check in window. This is the same kind of spacing will have seen at the grocery store. Please respect this minimum spacing when you entering the facility.
3. The drivers’ meeting with be split into run group meetings so we limit the number of people gathered. These meetings will be held outside. Please prepare for this by dressing warmly enough. The meetings will be held in the same order the groups run on track, 2,1,3,4.
4. Instead of having you all bring a printed copy of the tech inspection form, I will email you a link to a form. This form will ask you to confirm you have read and completed the tech inspection form. By completing this form, I will have an electronic record of you tech inspection form.
5. In order to make only people who have completed the tech inspection form get on track, we will be placing a sticker on your car as you head out for the first time. To make this happen, I am asking you all to tell us your name either by having it written in large font on a sheet of paper and showing us through the windshield; or writing your name on the windshield with shoe polish. One of the 3 Balls Racing staff members will cross reference your name with the list of people who completed the tech inspection form and place the sticker on your windshield. This can be done with your window rolled up.
6. 3 Balls Racing normally provides lunch at our events. For the Gingerman season opener, I am going to give every paid driver a $10 credit at the Gingerman concession stand. They will be open from 7AM to 3PM each day. They will have a list of paid drivers so they know who to give the credit to. This credit is good for food on the day of the event only; if you don’t use it there is no remaining value. Water and Gatorade will still be available. Please maintain your 6 foot social distancing space when getting something to drink.
7. There will be no in-car instruction. Any instruction will be done through a lead-follow scenario. If you are brand new and have concerns about this, please contact me. Please understand that we have successfully put hundreds of beginners through a track day without in-car instruction.
8. Communication. There will be more of it. I’m not trying to flood your inbox, I just want to make everyone aware of the situation. I am more grateful than you know that you have decided to participate. I want to make sure you are comfortable with the way the event is being run.

Thank you for putting your trust, money, and time into a 3 Balls Racing event. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Head Ball
Aka: Ken Grulich
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