For Sale: 2006 Ford Mustang FR500

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For sale: S197 Mustang FR500, serial number FR500S-CBIW-005

See full details here and photos here.

Note: Listing includes trailer but it is no longer available (already sold).

Asking $12,500 or best offer.

Email me: jcthomas at
Call or text: 810-210-5770

This is a turnkey HPDE track day package that includes the Mustang FR500, extra wheels and tires, gas cans, tie down straps, some spare parts; basically everything you need for a day at the track. I know this because this was my setup that I have taken to the track in 2019 to run with my buddies. It runs strong and everything is ready to go.

I bought this FR500 Mustang as a roller in 2016. I acquired it from Steve Poe of Poe Motorsports, out of Loveland, Ohio, who was divesting all his S197 cars and parts to move into the next generation of Mustang race cars. This race car was campaigned by one of Steve Poe’s customers.

When I purchased this car, it had only a fuel cell and a roll bar. I bought my wrecked 2005 Mustang back from the insurance company. I moved the engine, transmission, wiring harness, dashboard, and other bits and pieces from my wrecked Mustang into the FR500.

Although I moved the VIN plate from the 2005 Mustang to the FR500, I haven’t done anything with the state to rebody the car as I’m not sure what is necessary. Although probably not a legal VIN, this car comes with the clean, not a salvage, Michigan title for the original 2005 Mustang. I have my out-of-date license plate on it but this vehicle is now a dedicated track car. I ran this car in 2017 (3 events), 2018 (2 events), and 2019 (1 event) as a track day car at various tracks at various racetracks in the east and Midwest. It runs strong and sounds great!

I bought my 2005 Torch Red Mustang 4.6L GT used in June 2007. I first added Flowmaster axle-backs, then a cold air kit and a tune; but that just made me want more! In May 2008, MRT installed a Ford Racing Whipple supercharger kit. Then Scott Hoag of MRT invited me to a Track Guys event at GingerMan in July 2008. That hooked me!

Road America seems to have been a bad luck track for me ever since my first visit in 2013. The engine had problems running strong. I burned up an engine wiring harness and replaced it in 2014. Finally, I figured out that the ECM was pulling timing because the engine was running too hot. I replaced the heat exchanger that came with the Ford Racing Whipple kit with the C&R unit for improved cooling. This solved the engine performance issues. Then in 2015 I blew the engine at Road America and MRT rebuilt it. Then, in July 2016, I ran off the track at Road America and totaled my Mustang (driver error!).

Other performance mods completed and included on the FR500: MRT H-pipe exhaust system, no cats; Sparco racing seats and harnesses; Raptor shift light; Interceptor OBDII gauges; heat sensor input to ECM for supercharger air temperature; JLT oil breather catch cans.

Engine rebuilt at 28001 miles. There is now xxx (I have to check to be exact, but less than 30k) on the odometer.

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