3 Balls Racing is currently interviewing for an intern position to help grow our current business and develop new business opportunities.  We are a leading provider of open track activities based in the Metro Detroit area.  With over 11 years of successful events behind us, 3 Balls Racing is now ready to expand.   If you would like to be a part of this, please see the job description below.



·         Help Coordinate all event activities while at the track

o   Drivers’ meeting

o   Announcing run groups

o   Communicating with track personnel

o   Pairing students with instructors

o   Serving lunch

o   Servicing 3 Balls Racing rental vehicles

o   Collecting video and data

o   Photography

·         Promote 3 Balls Racing and its events on social media and internet forums

o   Post event information

o   Publish photos and video from events

o   Collect data on where 3 Balls Racing participants talk about events

·         Prepare for events

o   Create run groups

o   Submit list of participants to track

o   Create schedule for the track workers

o   Schedule catering and/or purchase food

o   Respond to and send emails to members

o   Prep 3 Balls Racing vehicles including rental cars, tow vehicles, and The Track Monster

·         Help grow 3 Balls Racing

o   Find potential customers

o   Participate in sales meetings/presentations



Minimum Qualifications:


·         Attitude

o   Must have desire to be around performance cars, events, and the people who attend them

o   Must be self-motivated; do it because it needs to be done not because you are told to do it

o   Be flexible

o   18 years or older

o   Have a valid driver’s license

o   Be able to drive a manual transmission

o   Be available on Saturdays and Sundays


Preferred Qualifications:

·         First-hand knowledge of cars

·         Education and/or experience in marketing

·         Recent college graduate or current student

·         Local to northern suburbs of Metro Detroit (think Clarkston)



This is currently not a paid position, but 3 Balls Racing will cover all costs incurred for the job.  You will also be able to participate in all 3 Balls Racing events using one of the company vehicles.  Food and lodging will be covered at events.  If you are looking for a full time position, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in front of the 3 Balls Racing staff.  This group has a massive network in the automotive, defense, medical, legal, and service industries.  The majority of the 3 Balls Racing staff are hiring managers or owners in these fields.  Above all else, you will gain real world experience running a small business while participating in track events.


Submit all resumes and questions to Ken Grulich at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..