3 Balls Racing / Michigan Wounded and Returning Warriors     

   Cornhole Tournament

Cost ($20 per Team per event)

1.       Teams will consist of 2 players.

2.       Play will be a double elimination bracket.

3.       Bracket seeding will be by total team points. (Player 1 + Player 2)

4.       Coin toss to determine choice of side or first throw.

Teams switch board side each game.

5.       Team mates must stand directly opposite each other.

6.       Play will be until the first team reaches 21 pts.

7.       Bags cancel opponent bags.

8.       Best of 3 games per match in the winners bracket.

9.       Single game per match in the losers bracket.

10.   Team coming from the losers bracket must win 3 games to win the tournament.  

11.   Substitution players are allowed.  Winning points will accumulate by player and not by team.

(Team Member 2 misses an event and a sub plays during the match, the Sub will earn

the points not the missing player)

12.   Points will be awarded as follows: (Each team member will be awarded individual points)

      1st        5

      2nd       4

      3rd        3

     4th        2

     All others   1

13.   If any events are not played in, the player will be earn 1 point.

14.   The winning team of each tournament event will be awarded a prize.


Tournament will occur on the Saturday night of each two day track event.  


Registration will be open until 3pm on the day of the event.


Bracket will be generated and posted prior to the end of the track day.


Board placement will be 20’ front to front.  This will allow for indoor play should weather interfere with the event.


Cornhole Layout  

Cornhole Rules Graphic


Wounded Warrior

This page is dedicated to all the individuals, families, and companies that donated to the 2017 3 Balls Racing charity event to benefit The Karmanos Cancer Institute.  If you can, please repay the favor by supporting these businesses.











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Camping is highly encouraged at 3 Balls Racing events.  The details are different for each track, but in general a large group of Ballers camp at the track before each event.


Gingerman:  There is ample camping space on grass and a number of electrical hookups including 30 amp RV style plugs.  The track charges a fee for camping and for using the electrical hookups.  When 3 Balls Racing is staying at the track, the gates do not close at night.  However, if you enter the track when the check in building is closed, you must go back in the morning to sign the insurance waiver and get a wristband; this applies to drivers and spectators.  There are bathrooms and showers onsite.  Fires are allowed in the camping area, but they must be in a pit.  Gingerman typically opens their concession stand in the morning.


Grattan: There is plenty of camping space around the facility on grass.  There are no dedicated electrical hookups, but you may find some 110/115V outlets.  The track will charge everyone a fee to enter the facility. The gates will close at midnight and will not open until 7AM.  There are bathrooms and showers onsite.  There are no concession stands.


Mid-Ohio: Camping is outside of the track at gate 1 unless otherwise noted.  There are plenty of grassy areas for camping, but no electrical hookups.  The track will be open the night before the event for trailer dropoff, but there is no camping allowed inside the gates.  The gates will open at 6:30AM.


PittRace: TBD